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First learning

May 6, 2013

Have you tried the absolutely amazingly good Turkish Delight that croplines in Launceston sells? It will knock your socks off!  and today I went in to buy some.


First mistake is

1. Don’t get excited about a product until you know it won’t be wrapped in plastic.

Yes, it was wrapped in plastic. Anyone who saw my face would have thought I just lost my beloved granny. So, it is time to get on my baking clothes and bake me some Turkish delight. If you’ve got a good recipe, let us know! There might be some Turkish delight in it for ya!

  1. Jem permalink

    Hey Bel and Dunc, dunno about turkish delight (yet!), but I thought of you when I was at the Longford tip shop on Sunday – I am so impressed by the woman who runs that place, it is worth the trip out just to see her in action! – and figured you might like to put it on your list of resources, particularly for building materials? XX Jem

  2. You can buy yummy, unwrapped Turkish Delight from the bulk section at Wholesome House in Mowbray. David there would be really happy to help you with your project. He stocks lots of local, bulk food as well. Super useful for you guys.

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