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Rubbish, rubbish everywhere!

May 9, 2013

Well, Duncan here. Seeing as Bel has been writing the posts so far, I thought I should add my two bob’s worth about our first week. The first thing I have realised, is that it isn’t easy going straight ‘cold turkey’ on no waste. A lot of the stuff we have in our pantry, which must be used, is still wrapped in plastic. Obviously the stuff we buy from now on will be bulk and we will store it in jars or other containers.

At the moment though, we still have some plastic going to landfill. This is irksome, but at least we are making the effort and things will get better as the weeks go by. Overall though, heading down the path to zero waste isn’t as difficult as we originally thought. It simply requires some forward planning and going without when no ‘zero waste’ options are available. It’s actually like some sort of diet!

Seriously though, most of the every day food items we all buy are available from bulk food shops, and they can be put into compostable paper bags for the trip home. We’ll also be having a chat to our local shops to see if they are open to the possibility of us bringing our own containers to fill. We shall see.

Week one has been okay so far. We have managed to overcome most difficulties with a bit of thinking and we’re quite confident of how things are shaping up for the next twelve months. We are both looking forward to trying new things and letting you all know how we go. Stay tuned!


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  1. Jem permalink

    ooooh, listening to this ABC radio program last night really brought home to me
    how much of a difference we can make by NOT creating waste in the first place:

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