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Turkish delight update

May 9, 2013

As much as I didn’t want to post about this,  I thought in order to be fair, I should…and apart from that, after being interviewed today on ABC Northern Tas radio I talked about my efforts to make said Turkish delight, i thought listeners deserved to see my efforts.

let’s just say my desire to eat Turkish delight has diminished significantly. The process of making it was quite traumatic! My electric whiz thingy exploded on me mid way through the process sending its parts into the air as well as hot corn flour goop, the goop then burned to the bottom of the pot, I  tried using some raspberry cordial to give a pink colour since every single shop only sold pink food colouring with a plastic seal, which turned it a colour resembling anything other than delightful. So without further ado, here is the finished, wonderfully looking delight!


Now refusing to have anything go to landfill, Darling Husband is going to eat it all..despite being unaware of this just yet. Me on the other hand will gladly stick to savoury delights.


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