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Zero waste in relationships

May 15, 2013

One thing we have both been considering for some time now is the way we can waste emotional energy and time in relationships. With choosing how to create less waste we can’t help but question this in relationship to who is in our lives. Where do these rules of “we should be friends with someone for life” come from? Or who says we should attend a party when we really don’t want to. If life is about quality and not quantity, given we never know how much of it we have left, then it makes sense to fill it with things that actually fulfil us. It doesn’t mean needing to abandon friends we have known for years, but maybe it means letting go of the guilt of not wanting to go to that party, or spend as much time with someone even if that is what we have done forever! Maybe it is really okay to choose who is in our lives and for how long based on what we are needing and valuing.

We love the idea of “club of life” which is a narrative therapy approach that Bel works with at willow brook cottage    It works from the premise that we can call the people in our life “a club of life”. In this club, some people are given high status, some low rankings, positions can be revised, upgraded, put on hold…  It seems to be nice to adopt a Zero waste relationship to life in general!

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