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Risk, risk, risk

May 18, 2013

So today I wanted to make a baked cheese cake. I searched high and low to find the ingredients that we needed but alas we could not!

It got me thinking about risk. We really do live in a risk society, don’t we. We are thoroughly obsessed with making sure everything is sanitised to the enth degree and that products are safety sealed so we can tell if they have been tampered with. What if you are two people who really don’t believe there is that much of a risk of someone tampering with your food? Have we lost it that much as a species that we see everyone and everything in terms of how it can harm us ? I find it utterly frustrating that as someone who is trying to live with more care for the planet and its people now and in the future, I have to work really, really, really hard to do that.

Do you buy into the risk society? Whose agenda is being pushed those story that life is so unsafe?

  1. Hi guys, I just read about your challenge in the local paper. What an exciting year you will be having! I am taking the softly, softly approach of encouraging my family to simplify one baby step at a time – but you have jumped in with both feet at once. Well done you!
    On the subject of cream cheese (is this the ingredient you couldn’t source without plastic, or those foil covers?), it is super easy to make with yoghurt, which I know you can buy locally in glass jars. Just tip the yoghurt into some cheesecloth (or a tea towel will do), tie it up and let it drip through a colander overnight. Save the whey to bake fab scones with. It may not be as thick as commercial cream cheese, but still good to bake with.
    Alternatively, every few weeks my 8yo makes butter, with cream and a marble in a glass jar. Shake untill your arm hurts, then shake some more. Stop when it gets to cream cheese consistency, before it turns into butter, and drain the buttermilk off, again, use for baking.
    All the best, will be following your journey with interest.

    • Wow, this is fantastic Jo! Yes, it was the cream cheese! Thanks for the tips, I will give it a go and let you know how it turns out. All the best with encouraging your family, love to hear how you’re getting on too. Bel

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