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Cooking the zero waste way

May 20, 2013

One of the things that we said when we started the zero waste challenge is that we didn’t want to rob ourselves of pleasure. We all probably know people who live with some pretty cool principles but we have often wondered about how much they cut out in life in order to live by these principles. Their stance in life becomes not something to aspire to but something that is kind of held in some sort of strange awe but never that inspiring . It is too hard to find the common ground in it and it is no longer easy to see ourselves in their choices…even if those choices are in principle fantastic! So for us, we wanted to have people look at what we are doing and think “yep, that doesn’t seem too hard”. Social and community change need not be about radical ideas, it can be simply about deciding to bake biscuits instead of buying them at the supermarket! These jam shortbread biscuits were made in 20 minutes and baked in 30. No plastic, nothing to landfill. maybe just extra winter padding!

You’re welcome for a cuppa!


  1. I just read the article about you in today’s Examiner, which lead me to your blog and this photo of the same biscuits I have baking in the oven right now!

    I follow various zero waste blogs, although we don’t live zero waste ourselves (more like almost-sometimes-zero waste), so I was very excited to discover locals (we’re in Legana) prepared to live and share the challenge.

    Congratulations and thank you! I will read your blog with great interest and look forward to learning more about how to do it on a local level.


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