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Winning the War.

May 20, 2013

We had a victory of sorts last night. It was rubbish night out our way. Our bin still went out, but it only had a small amount of trash in it; and that was mostly there as a result of our dogs’ naughtiness. They had ripped open a plastic bag filled with potting mix that was in the shed, and then taken great delight in distributing it all over the back yard. Two lessons for us; lock our shed when we aren’t home, and exercise our dogs more, so they don’t get bored and do such things. Also, for us it was a reminder of the problem with plastic. Even when it is in use as something to store things in, some day it will wear out, or be ripped up, and have to then be thrown out. And of course, it never really goes away. But at least our bin was mostly empty this week. Next week, it will just be our recycling bin that goes out. Unless the dogs have other plans of course!


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  1. Jem permalink

    Congratulations on your reduction so far – I bet it is a good feeling to see the empty space in your bin! And I hope your home is starting to humm with nice vibes, free of the plastic overtones….

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