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Building with zero waste

May 26, 2013

Our friend Jem told us about the Longford Tip Shop so we went there today. Did anyone else know of their existence? They are knowledgeable and have a vast array of stuff, very  impressive.

We recently bought a house in Mowbray and are on the very slow renovation front. Things would have been simpler had we started zero waste post Reno but we wanted the challenge. Our next task is to find a bath and the necessary piping second hand. It is a bit daunting as we are both quite clueless when it comes to knowing how to tackle this task! All suggestions welcome as to where to and how to and what to source for putting in a bath! We have taps in the walls but that is it!

  1. Jem permalink

    Hey Bel and Dunc,
    I bought my (second-hand) bath from Oswald St second-hand building supplies: they are a bit more up-market than the Longford tip-shop, they often have ‘seconds’, materials over-ordered on building sites etc. Close to you, in Invermay. Do look very closely at the bath, especially if it is a plastic one, before you buy, because even a small hole will cause a leak!
    Cimitiere St – Launceston Salvage – building supplies are also good – they will sometimes take ‘orders’ and keep an eye out for what you are wanting as they do their demolitions/salvage.

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