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When other people bring rubbish

May 28, 2013

Here’s something we hadn’t thought about. We had some gorgeous friends stay with us the other night and they brought some of their own food with them to eat. The food they had was wrapped in plastic. Our friend Moeva, ever the thoughtful and considerate one, asked us what to do with the rubbish. We ummed and Arred as we were both thinking “is it rude to ask people to take away their rubbish?” But before we even had to ask, she suggested it! What a friend hey.

it got us thinking about how zero waste kind of ends up involving everyone in some way in the end. It also has made us more aware of how it can be quite uncomfortable to live by this at times. Generally people are really supportive but we have had the occasional shop attendant sigh and give what looks like annoyed stares when we ask that they don’t wrap the product in plastic as we are living by zero waste. I wonder why people can have their buttons pushed by this sort of project? love to hear your thoughts!


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