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Zero waste when the world may be doomed?

May 30, 2013

Some well meaning friends of ours have asked us “What’s the point of zero waste when no one will really change anyway”. They have a good point. If you look at the state of the world with everything from climate change to wars, to famine, to sweat shops you could be forgiven for thinking “what’s the point”.

I remember in my younger years getting quite frustrated with the world and wondering how long it would take human beings to wisen up to how we were living. I have also been guilty of thinking this as a social worker at seeing the rate of poverty and injustice in the world and thinking “Why bother”. that’s a scary road to start thinking down. Hopelessness and despair are rife in our world and it is hard to maintain hope. image

Maybe hope isn’t what we need to hold on to though. Maybe as a species things are going to get worse and maybe our efforts are in vain. Who can say?. But something in me tells me it is really, really important to do the things you care about regardless of the outcome. That may seem a bit of a leap to make when there is so much suffering in the world, but I somehow think it is vital. If I viewed each client as a lost cause when they present with a whole host of troubles then both myself and the client would be doomed. But if what really matters is the person in front of us, or the way we impact those around us or the way little changes can snowball, then it seems the most common sense approach.


How do you keep hope alive, or life alive in a very disturbed world?

  1. I really like your thought, that we should do the things we care about, regardless of the outcome. I have been very down recently about the state of the planet, but yes, you are right, while we have no control over the outcome, what we can control is our own actions. Thankyou – I feel better about carrying on now!

  2. Lynne permalink

    I like to think that through individuals making small changes that gradually all the small changes will accumulate into bigger, lasting change. There is a YouTube video from TED about ‘starting a movement’ which was posted on the “no fructose” page recently that you may find interesting

    • Yeah, I really resonate with your thinking Lynne. Will check out the YouTube clip. I notice that despair and anger is particularly alive in activism and I’m concerned that this is just not sustainable.
      Jo, I’d be curious to know how you stay connected to hope for the planet? It can be hard to keep connected to I think. I also think there are deliberate things we can do to keep despair from taking over. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts on what they do to stay connected to these things?

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