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A win for waste reduction

May 31, 2013

I am pretty chuffed to just read the news!

How cool is that!



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  1. It’s not often I get excited about a piece of legislation, but that is fantastic!
    I have a practical question for you – I have decided to reduce our household waste one product at a time, and this week I am thinking about meat. I can ask our butcher to put our meat straight into my own container, but how can I then freeze it, without wrapping it in plastic to prevent freezer burn? Or I am I just imagining that the meat (unwrapped, in a plastic lidded glass container) will get freezer burn? I don’t keep meat frozen long, just a matter of a fortnight at most.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Jo,
      We have just been putting our meat straight into clean, plastic containers. Once the lid is on, these should be airtight and if you are using the meat within a couple of weeks, freezer burn shouldn’t be a problem. I think it becomes more likely if things are stored for a long time.

  2. Thanks guys, I have been doing some research, and it seems that my obsessive double-bagging habit has been a bit of overkill for food stored a couple of weeks. Thanks for that confirmation!
    Isn’t it strange how we just keep on doing the same thing for years, it turns out for no real reason?

    • It is so strange that we do it, isn’t it. I think those ideas just get in our heads and we do it without question. Good on ya for your waste reduction of one thing each week! keep us posted!

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