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June 6, 2013

Hi folks, if you can help us, please let us know, and let your friends know!

Leigh, at Grant Chugg plumbing has told us we need the following bits and pieces in order to put in a bath with second hand materials! we would love your help


1. Bath with 40 mm outlet

2. 40 mm plug and waste

3. 40 mm p trap x 2

4. 3 metres of 40 mm PVC pipe

5. 40 mm x 90 degree elbow x 2

6. 40 mm x 45 degree elbow x 2

7. 1 m of 0.5 copper pipe

8. Bath taps

9. Timber frame for bath

Maybe you have the whole set up if you’re pulling out your bath?

Please contact us if you can help us in this Challeneg!

  1. Jem permalink

    I have a request too! If anyone can supply relatively clean second-hand plastic softdrink bottles 1litre size or bigger, I would love to have them for Science practicals at school!! Amazingly difficult to source…

  2. Someone out here must have those Jem!!! Xx

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