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Barbed Waste

June 20, 2013

We took our two dogs through the reserve behind Trevallyn a few days ago. Philly, our springer spaniel was running off through the bush, as she likes to do, when we heard a bark and a yelp which she does when she is on the scent of an animal. Then a few more yelps. Bel, being the tuned in Mum she is, realized it was a yelp for help. We went down to where she was, to find our beautiful girl all tangled in barbed wire! Thankfully, it was just caught in her hair, but even so, it was her ears that were caught and she also had it around her body. After about thirty minutes, we managed to cut her free using car keys, fingers and some bad language. Just a reminder that stuff you don’t need anymore can’t just be thrown away. You never know where and whom it may affect at some point down the track. I really can’t believe someone, somewhere thought barbed wire was a good idea in the first place. Such nasty stuff! Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and no one was hurt too much. Bel and I got a few minor cuts on our hands, but we got our pup out of a sticky spot. From now on though, we’ll be sure to carry a pocket knife with us!



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