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Paying guests and rubbish

June 24, 2013

So we we were thinking we might be pushing things a bit when we asked our paying guests to take away their rubbish…

We have had our spare room on air bnb for a while now and we had a request to stay. This was fine until I thought about “Oh Gawd, how do we do zero waste with paying guests????!”. I decided that it can’t hurt to ask, rather than demand, a central premise of NVC which is a part of our lives. So, I wrote a letter letting them know the ins and outs of Willow Brook Cottage for their time with us. This letter explained how we like to live and the aims behind Willow Brook. We told them about our zero waste policy at Willow Brook and asked that they recycle, reuse or compost their waste AND if they had waste other than this, to take it with them. We then said “If that feels too much on an imposition, we will take it from you”. I felt much better about asking rather than demanding. I think when a person has choice they are far more likely to meet us with understanding. No one likes a dictator.

Our guests were very curious about our life and zero waste and were happy to take away their waste. They said they had a lovely stay, and we were chuffed!

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  1. Nicely played – are you’ve hopefully opened their eyes to the possibilities!

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