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So you want to go zero waste?

June 26, 2013

Some people have been asking us about going zero waste themselves. So here are some tips. It’s actually pretty easy. Everything you buy must come in recyclable packaging, or no packaging at all. Vegetables and fruits can just be placed in your own bag, and everything else needs to be in metal or recyclable plastics. Just stay away from anything in soft plastic, although these can now be recycled on the mainland and at Coles stores in the south of Tas. All food scraps can generally be composted, except cooked foods, bones etc, which can be buried. You just need to dog proof the hole you bury them in! Paper can go in the compost too. Take containers to your butcher or the whole foods shop, get them weighed, then stack your goods in them. Great for all sorts of things. That’s pretty much it. Easy! For all the info you need, have a look at our favourite resource for all things zero waste,


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  1. Jem permalink

    A friend told me about a related “challenge” which some of his fellow students took up at Uni: to eat only Tasmanian foods for 3 months. All ingredients must be from Tassie!

    • Iona permalink

      That’s great Jem. Less fuel costs for transport etc + boosting local companies. I try and buy local whenever I can, that’s why I love the farmers’ markets etc

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