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The problem with plastic.

July 3, 2013

In my last post, I mentioned that soft plastics can be recycled, which is great, but they are recycled into other objects, not more soft plastics. So they are still having to manufacture new soft plastics to keep up with the demand of producers and of course, consumers. What would be really good, is if these plastics could be recycled back into sheets of plastic, to be turned into bags and other packaging again. The same amount of resources still need to be used to create these products while they are not being ‘reborn’ in their original form. Ideally, manufacturers, super markets and shop owners would start to encourage their customers to buy in bulk, bring their own containers or use alternative products to have food and groceries wrapped in. The less plastic used, means the less plastic wasted, ending up in landfill, our rivers and oceans, or wrapped around, or in, wild life. Just some food for thought.



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