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Our absence

July 28, 2013

Never fear, we are still here!

our blog posts have been thin on the ground for a number of resons this past month. The biggest reason is that it is actually EASY to go zero waste and nothing new!! Once we developed our systems and committed to it, it just became easy.

perhaps the hardest thing has been the ease of junk food. Dunc and I never really ate a lot of junk food but every now and then we would by crisps or some sort of dessert from the supermarket. But now those day are now over and I do Miss the ease of buying something like that.

I guess that is what I am learning the most at the moment , that so much of what we buy is about ease and convenience. We don’t have kids but I can I easily imagine that ease is something any parent would need. So when people have families, we have greater expectations around work, money, success , the desire for quick and easy becomes very appealing.

the thing is though, the quick and easy also comes with a cost. The packaging ends up in landfill, the disposable nappies, cleaning products, chip packets all have to go somewhere. It takes resources to create the plastic. These all cost the earth, our one home that we have, and it does not make sense to pollute your nest for ourselves and the following generations.  Humans are capable of so much, yet, i think our desire for an easy life is costing us all dearly.

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