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Some thoughts.

September 18, 2013

If every family in Australia reduced their waste by fifty percent, which isn’t actually that difficult, what a difference that would make. Years ago, in Perth, WA, one of the local councils mooted the idea of charging rate payers by weight for their rubbish. The idea was designed to encourage people to recycle, as this was a fairly new concept back then and the items that can be recycled, metal, glass, paper etc are all fairly heavy.

Maybe charging people by weight for their rubbish would encourage folks to start taking a bit of care about what they throw out? Food scraps are heavy and make up a large portion of family waste. Eliminating this as much as possible would make a huge difference to the amount of rubbish collected each week around the country.

Collecting and composting food scraps maybe adds twenty minutes to half an hour to our week. Just one episode of some silly sitcom missed in order to make the world a better place. Not a huge ask is it?

If it also saved money, then maybe that would create change?

Just a thought.

  1. Lynne permalink

    It’s amazing how easily it becomes normal to compost, recycle and refuse plastic bags. It is also really encouraging how by changing our own habits others become interested as well. Our family has used your challenge as an inspiration and now l am seeing some of my work colleagues making changes as well

  2. that is wonderful, Lynne! how are you going with it? I am in awe! it is just us 2 and our three muppet animals (who try and curb our zero waste plans by destroying bits and pieces around the house!). It can’t be easy with kids! good on you for your efforts, love to hear how it is going.

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