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The Tomato Sauce Revolution

September 19, 2013

Okay, sometimes going zero waste is not easy. We don’t eat a lot of things like pies or sausage rolls, but, sometimes we do, especially post election (one could call this ‘despair eating’). And, a pie or sausage roll is just not right without tomato sauce. But, do you think many places have tomato sauce in bottle these days? No, they don’t! You need to purchase it in one of the plastic, throw away sauce thingys!

So, zero waste does mean going without on some occasions. I think this is quite possibly what keeps people consuming and not making the change to a plastic free lifestyle. Ease. We want sauce and we are not prepared to go without (well, we are), but generally speaking, people aren’t.

Fair enough, but how to go about changing these attitudes? Do you think people are willing to go without having their immediate desires met? I don’t think so. I don’t think we are very skilled at looking at the longer term consequences of our actions- i.e. where does the stuff we buy end going? what impact does it have on resources to produce these items? what are the work conditions of the people who produce our stuff? the list goes on. Our stuff costs us, the earth and future generations,

Mind you, the buck doesn’t stop with just people. From a sociocultural perspective; we work longer and harder than ever before and have higher mortgages, high rates of depression, anxiety, kids with more pressing issues, status to live up to- be that it the real world on face book. Quite clearly, our world is a bit bonkers. Is it any wonder that we just want to eat the friggin pie and have sauce with it and not think about it?!

Do we know what it is actually like anymore to not have every single whim met, whenever we so want it?

Can you do it? can you go without Face Book for a day? or can you catch a bus instead of taking the car to town? Can you decide to just take a small step in that direction and “Say No to Tomato Sauce?”. Let’s have a tomato sauce revolution!


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  1. I can definitely go without facebook, I was thinking about the last facebook fast I had. And I walk over the bus, or the car. But, i do agree with you – so many people want instantaneous, now, cheap or free (which single use items largely are now!) People don’t linger for a coffee, they want to go, to throw away. Even I sucumbed today, even though the cup was on my desk at work (and I got the coffee on the way in… but there’s a coffee machine at work). It’s definitely tough… to even make people understand you don’t want the plastic fork, you have your own… it is still so weird!

    • So true Sarah. I wonder what we need to tap into in ourselves to keep following our values when the world around us may think we are a bit odd. I will ponder that!

  2. I imagine, if you were a regular pie eater, that you could take your own sauce, in a little container. But I hear you on the mindless production of ‘stuff’ that will live forever. It gets depressing to keep saying NO, because it is everywhere. No I don’t want that plastic bag/fork/straw/sauce packet. Remember in the old days there was a bottle of sauce on the counter? Still is at my kids’ tuck shop at school! Maybe the sauce revolution could just involve asking for the sauce bottle back!

  3. You’ve got me thinking, Jo. I reckon it might be good for us to kit out our car in some essential things like tomato sauce so we can use it as we need it. It is depressing the amount of the throw away stuff hey. I am stoked to hear they still have the sauce bottle at your kids school!

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