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Growing food Zero Waste

September 30, 2013

One of the ways that we minimize waste is to grow our own food and to create our own compost system.

We recently held a permabitz (a day where people come together to learn and work on a permaculture garden) at our place and we created what is called a “Key Hole Garden”. This design originated in a part of Africa where soil for growing food is non existent. What the design does is essentially use any material laying about- sticks, straw, mud as the garden bed, but the feeding system comes from the central compost system.  All the veggie scraps get put into this compost in the middle and then the garden is watered from the middle and this filters out to give nutrients to the plants.  Incredible hey! We also used salvaged bricks from Andy’s Salvage in Launceston!  A fantastic place for all building needs! Here are some pics of the day!




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  1. Wow, that looks great! What did you plant in your new garden?
    I have a big stack of old bricks from a knocked down chimney if you need any for future projects..
    How is the nothing new renovation coming on? I thought of you a few weeks ago when I saw a bath in the under $100 section of the local paper..

  2. We are growing pretty much every veggie you can think of Jo! You’re welcome to come and check it out Nd see ow we did it if you’re in the hood!

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