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A zero waste request

November 19, 2013

For those who don’t know, we are off to France in 1 week! 5 weeks in the beautiful country where we plan to do a lot of eating and mooching about! it turns out that France is set for a cold winter, with snow in France this week! That’s early, and we can all probably work out why that’s happening!

So we are on the hunt for some winter woollies and thought we would try our luck here in our hometown of Launceston!

i (Bel) need woolen stockings! obviously we can’t buy them and op shops are pretty low in them ! So, if you’re a woman who is roughly size 12 and feel like donating to the cause , we would gladly take them off your hands! I can even return them post France, They will be sure to have had a wonderful time!

Let us know if you can donate!






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  1. I’m current;y enrolled in a journalism where blogging is required and I’ve recently taken up blogging about reducing my waste while some of my classmates are blogging about traveling. This post is an interesting fusion of the two! I hadn’t yet thought what it would be like to take a “zero waste” approach on the road with me, and I look forward to your future posts about your travels in France as guidance for my own. 🙂

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