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About us

We are two completely normal humans, happily and newly married, called Bel and Dunc  .imageBel is social worker/counsellor in private practice at and runs willow brook cottage and Dunc is a federal public servant for good ol Centrelink. We are a run of the mill family with 2 poorly behaved dogs and a cat that is slightly neurotic (aka lives with 2 poorly behaved dogs).

We have decided to go a year without buying anything new,  while at the same time committing ourselves to producing zero waste.  By zero waste, we mean nothing to landfill. We will buy things in bulk, items that come in recyclable or reusable containers, but we will not purchase anything wrapped in plastic, or any other material that is destined to end up as landfill.


A few reasons this got kicked off. We spent our honeymoon in Bali and while we loved the people, the food and massages, the rubbish of the Island was awful. We felt we needed to come home and not contribute to this anymore. Add to this, two people who care a lot about people and the very hard fact to swallow that most people who make our “stuff” are paid shockingly low rates of money and live in conditions that none of us should have to bear. Quite simply, we wanted our values to really reflect our actions. Thirdly, and by no means least important, we both love a challenge. We knew it would be hard at times to go zero waste and zero new stuff, so we thought, why not!

The Rules

1. Nothing new: No new clothes, appliances, DVDs, furniture, music etc

2. All waste must be able to be recycled, reused or composted. Nothing to landfill.

3. All waste acquired during eating out must also be brought home to be recycled, reused or composted (eg no straws at the pub!).


We have kept out of the mix medications if needed due to that not coming in recyclable wrapping and, well, we have our head screwed on and won’t go to extremes for health!

So, please join us on our journey and hopefully you and your families and friends will get into zero waste too! If you don’t, you may have a laugh at our antics.


  1. Bettina permalink

    I’m looking forward to follow your exciting and challenging year ahead – maybe we get inspired, too. But it already starts with the Vitabrits package in the morning and the plastic bag in it!

  2. Mark Hollick permalink

    Greqt stuff Bel and Dunc best of luck not hat you need it!!!!

  3. Thanks guys! : )

  4. Wow, funny I thought about something similar great idea. We will be happy to back 100%, I wonder if we can find anyone else who will do it. I will share it on our page if that’s ok

  5. Rob Fairs permalink

    Hey guys, Fairsy and Jules here from LAFM, call us for a chat on 1300 893 893, we would like to chat to you etc about it etc

    • That’s great Rob! I believe Dunc called you and we are booked in to see you guys next Wednesday at 8:30 am! See you then : )

  6. Wonderful! I will be following you for your year. Looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks!

  7. Debbie permalink

    I just read your story in the Examiner (online app) … Guys… This is fantastic n I wish you both all the best on this journey! Our little family is trying…. Just spent a day drying apples for healthy snacks!! Having worked and lived corporate style and facing a myriad of health issues, I had to ask why? With all the changes we’ve made in he last 5 years, we are amazed at the benefits. Now even our 5 yr old daughter loves the concept of Dumpster Diving n Skip Dipping … Following our example of trying to recycle, cut back on our own consumption and enjoy life for what it is and not what we have. We will look forward to reading your blog… All the best and great effort!

    • Thanks Debbie! How inspiring that your daughter loves the concept of dumpster diving! Sounds like you have really seen the benefits of changing lifestyle and the flow on effects. It’s funny how one change leads on to others hey. Thanks for the support and all the best to you too!

      • Debbie permalink

        Thanks back.. Everyone’s efforts helps in this crazy world n you feel better for it!

  8. Sharon permalink

    Does that mean no deodorant and you make your own soap for laundry and bathing or what?

  9. No, Sharon, We still do those things : ) what you’ll find is that you can buy many things in recyclable containers so we only do that. You just need a bit of extra time with shopping so you can read Te bottom of the label. With washing detergent that is easy . The last lot we bought was in a cardboard box so that goes straight to recycling. We take our plastic container to Eumarrah and they fill that up with washing up liquid. We will get more adventurous soon and possibly try and make some of our own stuff, so stay tuned!

    • Not sure if you’ve read it, but we bought nothing for 6 months and even grew our own loo paper. Lots of recipes in there for DIY shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent etc. Living the Good Life – Linda Cockburn. Might be useful.

  10. Thanks Linda. Will check it out!

  11. Andrea permalink

    Good luck guys. I’m only ever slightly on this path trying to buy must things second-hand and making a commitment not to buy plastic drinking bottles – and other small thing. I’ll be interested to hear how you go, including tips for those of us who are only beginning down this path. Once again, good luck.

  12. Good one Andrea! You’re not the first to ask for that, so I say we should do it! Keep an eye out for the new section on tips and tricks! Best if luck for you!

  13. Wonderful to (virtually) meet fellow no-wasters. If you want to get acquainted with my story, go to much love! I can’t wait to hear more from your journey.

  14. Iona permalink

    Thought I’d add a comment this time – I just wanted to remind you how important this is and that you’ve had a ‘knock on’ effect on the rest of us. I think twice when I’m buying things and look for sustainable/recyclable or low waste options.

    Keep up the good work – good on ya guys xxxx

  15. Thanks, Iona! Xxxxxx

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